Tips On Buying Essential Oils

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When looking at buying essential oils the things I look for is that the product is 100% essential oil and not a fragrance oil which is a synthetic version. This ensures that you are getting the beneficial properties from essential oils and not just a pretty smell. I also look for tried and true brands that can be dependable. ┬áThere are also a range of organic essential oils available which can be a bit more expensive but it’s a personal choice of which ones you choose. I suggest that you talk to the sales person or read up on the oils you are wanting to buy to make sure they are safe for you to use for example some essential oils may not be recommended during pregnancy or certain trimeters in the pregnancy. Healthpost have really nice essential oils including organic essential oils available.


Starter Essential Oils

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When I first started getting into aromatherapy and essential oils I didn’t really know which to get first. They can be quite expensive so I didn’t want to go and buy a big stash of them, I decided to buy a few that I could mix to get different smells and some that had medicinal properties as well.

Some places offer starter kits with a few different types they select for you or you can select them individually yourself. I chose to hand pick mine and just bought a couple or one at a time and built up my collection over time. My first choices were:

Lavender essential oil (Lavandula augustifolia)

Tea tree essential oil (Melaleuca alfernifolia)

Orange(sweet) essential oil (Citrus sinensis)

Eucalyptus essential oil (Eucalyptus globulus, Eucalyptus radiate ssp.Radiata)

Peppermint essential oil (Mentha piperita)

From these starter essential oils add a new one every now and then. It doesn’t take long to build up your own collection and can enjoy making your own blends.


Essential Oil Diffusers

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I am amazed at how many different types of essential oil diffusers there are available. There are electric ones like my favorite one I use at but also there’s car ones and pendant /bracelet type ones which I want to try one day so I can have the great smells with me when I’m on the go. There is also the lovely reed diffusers which are nice to use in any room. There’s a large selection on Amazon I’m going to have to try to add to my collection. I also keen to hear about any nice ones others have found.


Scented Soy Melts

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Scented soy melts not only smell amazing they also can give a room an ambience that is warm and welcoming. Soy melts are made from soy wax which is seen to be a healthier option to the traditional paraffin wax which is a petroleum by-product. They are wickless and can be used in oil burners or an electric burner and burn from 6-8 hours. Soy tealight candles are also available to use in the burner. The soy melts can be reused until the there is no longer any scent being released. Scented soy melts can be purchased or you can make your own with your favourite aromas.

Sleep blend for diffuser

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4 drops Lavender essential oil

3 drops Rosemary essential oil

3 drops Orange essential oil

(This blend is for humans)


Fill the diffuser with water up to the water line in your diffuser.

Stir the essential oils into the water to ensure they diffuse together(avoid getting on skin).

Place the lid on and use diffuser as per retailers instructions.

Relax and enjoy

My favourite diffuser

Diffusers come in so many shapes, colours it’s quite hard to choose. It’s quite a personal experience and almost like looking to buy a new car. Fortunately there’s a lot of designs to suit everyone and their budget. My diffuser I bought is very simple yet compliments the decor. I chose it for the 300ml capacity so I didn’t have to refill it with water every hour and it turns itself off if it detects low water levels, which is a safety feature I love. I am not an affiliate but I want to link where I got mine from because I love my diffuser so much I bought two and they had awesome customer service. dfuse link Click here